Financial Education Grants from Creative Wealth

The Two Essential Pieces of Financial Education Grants

Donations In

First, in order to accomplish our goal of touching as many kids and adults as possible with the financial education they need to grow into financial responsible adults, we need your help.

The first thing we need, obviously, is donations in order to provide the necessary programs and scholarships to teachers and students who need it.

To learn a little more about donating much needed resources to help promote financial literacy around the United States, check out our Financial Literacy Donation page or simply click the Donate button here to make a huge difference starting today.

Grants Out

Once we get the funds in, we can turn around and provide the following:

  • Scholarships to kids and teens in order to attend either our summer Camp Millionaire or Moving Out! for Teen camps held in Santa Barbara, CA each summer, or…
  • Scholarships to teachers who need help attending either of our superb teacher trainings for Camp Millionaire or The Money Game.
  • The Money Game® to teachers, youth group leaders, at-risk youth organization, etc. who want to teach financial education to their kids and teens and adults but don’t have the funds to purchase the game ($99 downloadable or $299 ready-to-play kit).

Financial Education Scholarships

If you’re a parents and you want to send your child to one of our summer camps, click here to download our Camp Millionaire Scholarship Application.

If you’re a teacher who needs a scholarship to attend one of our teacher trainings, please call 805-957-1024 and let us know exactly what you need.

If you’re a teacher, youth group leader or organization and you’d like to receive a donated copy of The Money Game, apply for our Get One, Give One Money Game Grant below!

The Money Game Grant

This new program’s goal is simple…

“Creative Wealth International will donate one PDF version of The Money Game® to any low-income school or youth-serving organization who applies and has the desire to teach kids and teens about money.”

Money Game for Kids and Teens

We look forward to helping YOU make a difference in people’s lives!

Apply to get your Money Game next time someone buys one at retail.


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